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Welcome to the Netdirect Sales Online Retail store, where our motto is "Don't buy expensive, buy Smart!"

Who we are: We are Netdirect Sales, a legitimate Colorado based company with an ample amount of expertise on the world of eCommerce. We specialize in online retail, product distribution, and product development.

Why we do what we do: Our purpose is to bring you the high quality products you want, at the prices you dream about. Bigger retail stores are known for being, for the lack of a better word, rip-offs. We strive to be the alternative to this notion by providing you with service that makes you the winner of every deal.

Our Team: There would be no such thing as "Netdirect Sales" if it wasn't for our loyal and hard working team. It's the determination, moxie, and cooperation that our team has brought since day 1, that's gotten us to where we're at today. All 20 members are personally sold out to bringing you the best in everything: products, costumer service, shipping, and more.  

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